TGV Cinemas The International 2017 Pubstomps

Dota 2 The International 2017 once again been conducted by its own pubstomp at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama as for the main cinema branch, this year I have a free time and get to there as a customer to feel it myself how pubstomp been held.


The main event started at 11.00pm meet and greet with two hyperactive host Muaz and Faizal from Egg Network cheering up crowd before first game played at 1.00am morning which Team Liquid vs LFY.

Before that HP Omen already organized a Dota 2 competition, local amateur team fight to won RM10,000 for it 1st prize and I surprise also Goldfries machine was there also given test drive for people who want to build Ryzen System a new processor by AMD.


The small competition was held at the main TV near escalator before it continues to main event only use by HP Omen latest gaming laptop. That night I got a few mousepad given by host, a T-shirt from HP Omen and 2 woven bags by Zotac & TGV Pictures.


Lucky draw also is part of the event by I am not so lucky to get big prize which offer by HP Omen laptop.

Pubstomp_2017_Freebies (269)


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