Review: X Five Polar Bear 12cm Case Fan

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Perkakas Komputer, Reviu | 0 comments

I been using my stock fan in my Bitfenix Neos casing, but lately weather are so hot & meteorological said our country been engulf with heat wave & my PC temperature risen about 10C from usual temperature.

I start searching a few case fans within my budget for 2 case fans under RM50 only, suddenly at PC shop I looking at X Five Polar Bear 12cm case fan that give a hunch to test the marketing gimmick.

The case fan have a rubber ring that will absorb your fan noise into a little less silence that usual stock fan, for me this case fan a quite good from side to side & do it marketing gimmick to absorb noise.

For airflow from this case fan a quite similar with stock fan but a little better rather than stock case fan without rubber that absorb noise.

X Five Polar Bear 12cm

X Five Polar Bear 12cm1

X Five Polar Bear 12cm2



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