Hye guys, this is my 1st review in English after a long hiatus & decides to writing in English, if there is grammar false or wrong please do correct me.

Everyone gaming everyday & there is no stopping what gamers do right but there is more important rather have all peripheral working properly. For me there is one thing that gamers most need when play a Dota 2 or CS:GO that is a mousepad.

Why is mousepad give a such impact to a gamers, let see if you are play game that need precisely aim to make a headshot in first person shooting game you will need control the mouse perfectly (not to perfect I thing because a few tricks can use to make a headshot).

I present you the Razer Goliathus Control Edition that will make addict when you already use to it. This Goliathus have a rough surface that made from combine thread give a kind amount that need to aim.

The Design also a quite attracting for me & my office colleague also like it.

Razer Goliathus Control Edition3

Razer Goliathus Control Edition1

Razer Goliathus Control Edition2