Automative: 135 LC 2016

This year Yamaha decide to change the lively view for Yamaha 135 LC with the color I most want it because their “great mind” never take approach what a customer want & just want to make more profit rather than satisfy customer needs.

The Blue Silver color is what I need because I love the blue accent & matching which grey silver accent, for me to regret is other thing because I already bought 135 LC Orange Dark Grey accent which is the color their want to compete with Honda main theme color.

135 LC 2016 comes with a few changes with their rear lamp which is separately with signal lamp, then their adds no much need is LED tail light that make more hideous.

Next is the front a little front wind shield which also not need & guest what their increase the price to RM7000 from RM6400 with last year price, what make me upset is the their dealer sell it around RM7800 which you can think twice to buy Y150R just adding RM2000 & more powerful also get FI engine.

135 LC 2016 1

135 LC 2016 2

135 LC 2016 3

135 LC 2016 (245)